The Supplier Spotlight

The Supplier Spotlight: Mustard

The Supplier Spotlight: Mustard

Our first interviewee is Jess from the glorious Mustard Made! Mustard was founded by two fabulous sisters, Jess and Becca, on opposite sides of the world. Creating an icon product that is now a staple in so many of our customers homes as well as homes around the world. As soon as they arrived into our shop we became obsessed and so did all of you! 

So let’s tuck in... 

Welcome to Supplier Spotlight 

Hi Jess! So let’s start from the beginning, what was your first job? 

At the age of 15 I was determined to become a fashion buyer and at 18 I got a job as an Assistant buyer buying wedding dresses. I loved it.

Sounds incredible! It is always so interesting to see where people started , what was your inspiration for setting up your business?

Honestly, to see my sister more. It was the ultimate goal but there has been so many other positives that have really changed my life, the way I work and the balance it has created for me is the reason I would go back and do it all again.

I love how embedded family value is in Mustard! What’s your favourite part of what you do? 

Working with my sister, having a job that is filled with variety and challenge, being able to turn my ideas into real tangible things… these are all things that I’m grateful for in our business. I love having a small team of good people around me and look forward to growing it.

We can’t wait to see what you lovely lot do next. Do you have one product in particular that you favour above the others?

Yes, but don’t tell the others. The Midi Blush is my favourite. It is my favourite colour and the Midi is just so useful. I have mine in my hallway and it holds all our over spill of bathroom bits, extra bedding and it’s the perfect height to have some flowers in a vase on top.

Don’t worry we won’t tell the others! What lessons have you learnt during your journey?

Mistakes are made (sometimes often) but lessons are always learnt. Sometimes the mistakes feel like the biggest things in the world and feel heavy but mostly no one else will even notice or be affected by it. I have really enjoyed being involved in every process of creating a business and learnt that not every bit is my forte.


Now for the quick fire round!

What’s your favourite sandwich ? 

Butter, marmite and cheddar cheese

You’re on Netflix, what genre do you go to first?

Rom Com always!

Name one thing on your bucket list?

Go to Japan

 What would be your superhero power if you could pick one? 

Right now, it would be making the world a little smaller.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Obviously has to be something from the Mustard Made colour palette, it would be Blush. It’s a strong, but calming colour with a bit of softness. And super cute!


Thank you so much Jess for taking the time to shed light on your magical locker wonderland!!! We’re utterly obsessed with them!!!

... Following on from our fabulous supplier spotlight session with Jess, we are so excited to give you a sneak peak into gorgeous newness to come ... Introducing the Twinny!!! 



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