Thoughts from T

Welcome to thoughts from T

Welcome to thoughts from T

So here goes guys- welcome to thoughts from T. 

I’m “middle aged” (assuming I’m going to live to 100) so the concept of blogging is so far past my comfort zone that I can’t even see it in the distance! I find it difficult to believe that I have any interior thoughts ( or quite frankly thoughts on any subject at all! ) that you lovely lot would spend your precious time reading. So if you are still here, please bear with me as I learn the ropes!!

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I can’t think of any time when our homes have been more important to us. Each autumn most of us develop a grizzly bear tendency ( think Yogi bear if you are the right age!!) that involves building a den and hibernating in a cosy fashion till spring. I think that this year, when we are surrounded by previously unseen levels of global crap, this habit feels even more important than usual. Maybe it is partly because building our den is one of the few things left that we can still control in this weird world. Maybe it’s because we can’t really go anywhere else so we might as well just go for with our homes.

Whatever the reason, the gang at Home by tea are going to be herespouting interior tips and occasional nonsense I expect, to hopefully help us all get through this most bizarre of times.

T x