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For the love of Neon

For the love of Neon

In the last couple of years we’ve seen neon lights grow in popularity worldwide, captivating even the smallest of  spaces. From kitchen walls, to our local restaurants, bathrooms and clothing stores, neon nation is in full swing. 

Neon signs nottingham

But why is this? What is it about these neon lights, forming shapes and slogans (sometimes rather inappropriate to say the least), that have caught our eye and entered our hearts in such a way that we didn’t even realise it was happening.

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Could it perhaps be the nostalgia that they provoke, the similarity to old arcades games, pinball machines, vinyl record stores and old drive in restaurants. Or perhaps it’s because they remind us of bright lights in the big cities, from Times Square to Las Vegas, The Moulin Rouge in Paris or Piccadilly Circus in the Heart of London.

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By adding these lights to your home, you have encompassed this atmosphere; all the mayhem, exciting adventures, and electric buzz that comes with these iconic locations.  The sentimental element that the neon lights carry, along with their striking colours, make for a delicious combination to add to any home.

neon signs for home

Although it can never be pinpointed, exactly why we love these neon lights so much, one things for sure, which is that neon has been given a new lease of life in the 21st century, and will continue to evolve and become a symbol in years to come.

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