Tropical Glass Decanter


Capturing the essence of the Tropical Trend, BarCraft’s Tropical Leaves Glass Decanter features a beautiful square design with green ombre finish and a playful antique brass finish monkey head stopper.
It's ideal for storing and pouring your prized alcoholic beverages in - from Scotch whisky or Amontillado sherry to Cognac, or even sloe gin. You can rely on it to keep them at their best too.
The bottle's monkey head stopper features a high-quality silicone seal. It creates an airtight lock, which helps to preserve your alcohols and stops them spoiling or spilling. You can fill with most standard 750 ml (75 cl) bottles of brandy, sherry or whisky. It holds up to 900 ml (90 cl). This makes it perfect for when you're entertaining guests. You can simply sit back, let the conversation flow and bask in your beverage of choice!